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Exclusive Products & Services

Beezy Quokka is a recruitment agency specializing in facilitating optimal matches between employees and employers throughout South East Asia. Complementing our recruitment services, we offer a bespoke Cloud-based, SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates essential HR functions including Mobile and Time Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Expense Claims, Appraisal, Accounting, and Project Cost Management. Our versatile HRMS software is designed to enhance operational efficiency for businesses of all sizes, ensuring seamless operations and empowered growth.

Recruitment Service 

  • Screens job candidates for the client,and then presents suitable candidates to the client for employment.


Basic Cloud based HR Software Integration Setup

  • Complete 360 HR Software 

  • Manage HR matters on-the-go 

  • Push notifications and alerts about staff movements 

  • Bilingual in English & Chinese 


Mobile Attendance App with Face Recognition & GPS

  • clock attendance from their smartphone where time and GPS location will be automatically recorded


Time Attendance Software

  • Create a shift schedule, assign shifts to respective employees and keep track of lateness, absenteeism and overtime work.


Payroll Software

  • Supports online submission to CPF and IRAS.

  • Integrated with  Time Attendance,Leave Management, Expense Claims, Appraisal, and Project Cost Management data which eases your entire payroll process. 


Leave Management Software

  • Leave Apply & Approval via App

  • Upload Medical Leave Attachment 

  • Staff can view all types of Leave balances 

  • Get to know who is on leave today 

  • View staff leave details in Monthly View 

  • Different Approval level can be set 


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We help to make managing businesses easy by providing an All-in-one solution from recruitment to manage human resource matters.

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